Supply Powerful Cargo Electric Tricycle Trike with 2 Passenger Seats Quotation

2 Seats Cargo and passenger Use Electric Trike

Brand :Yonsland

Product origin :Xuzhou

Delivery time :15-25 days

Supply capacity :100000 sets

Model Name :JUN YUE


Type and model of motor:48v/60v-650w/1200wCarriage:category:Willow flower box bottom
Brushless controller specification and model:60V22A120Size:1350*950  Weight:39.08kg
Optional battery specification:Lead acid 60V20AH/60V30AHRim type:Front wheel:iron wheel  The rear wheel:iron wheel
Charger specification model:60V/2.5AThe frame:Weight:37.45kg
Vehicle size:2740*950*1300Damping mode:Front:hydraulic type  After:iron plate
Weight with full equipments(no battery):111kgBrake mode:Front wheel:hub/dish optional
Transmission mode:Differential motor(gear drive)Rear wheel:hub/disc optional
Rear bridge mode:Integral differential rear axleRear axle size:760mm


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